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The Functional Orthodontic Support Group was formed in 2005 to support those practising Functional Orthodontics and to address the need for co-operation and tolerance amongst colleagues in this field for the benefit of the profession and the welfare of patients.

Introduction to the FOSG

It has probably not escaped your notice that dentists practising Functional Orthodontics are appearing before the General Dental Council with monotonous regularity.

The pattern that has emerged is that a number of, what one might term, mainstream orthodontists are disparaging the work of those who encourage growth guidance and early treatment, and those who try, where possible, to avoid extractions and treat in a functional manner.

It is acknowledged that debate exists, but a recent case at the General Dental Council occupied a total of fourteen days, reputedly the longest in the history of that Council. It will be obvious to any dentist that this is neither beneficial to the image of dentistry in this country nor to its progress.

Our Mission Statement is self-explanatory, but you will notice that, as part of its remit, there will be the power for recourse. By joining the Group, for the fee of less than one treatment case, you will receive support and encouragement to practise this branch of dentistry whilst building a fund to enable us to challenge any unreasonable claims.

We encourage all our members to join the British Orthodontic Society. This is the only specialist society in Europe to welcome non-specialists since it is committed to ensuring that all dentists with an interest in the speciality should be able to profit from the Society’s meetings and publications. The Functional Orthodontic Support Group has taken advice from the indemnity societies and has set up protocols for Basic Records and Informed Consent. We promote comprehensive record keeping and on-going training as part of best practice. We want to support you and we hope that you will want to support us.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Michael Trenouth

Consultant Orthodontist

Chairman FOSG

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